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Our Story


Coastal Kid all began with the birth of our first child, Harper West. When Harper was born, we realized that we couldn’t identify with the majority of clothes available to children. We didn’t want her to look the same as every other baby. We wanted pieces that were more in line with who we are. We wanted her to be in a mini version of things that we wanted to wear and to be able to identify with the coastal lifestyle we live and breathe. And that is how Coastal Kid began. 

Coastal kid is an apparel brand inspired by parents who want their kids to dress is tasteful, premium apparel. We are bringing you pieces for your children that you would want to wear. And we are doing that in combination for our love for the coastal lifestyle. Whether you live on the coast or you love the coast, this brand is to bring together like-minded families who have a passion and take pride in their love for the coastal lifestyle. Rugged Northern Coasts, Sandy Southern Coasts and every coast in between, we bring you an apparel brand that families all over the world can identify with.

By purchasing Coastal Kid you are joining us to celebrate a community of families that love the salty air, the powerful ocean, dirty feet, endless adventure and making memories with their kids that last a lifetime.


Share your pride and join our community!

-Mick, Maria, Harper West and Reef Wilder